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Personal GPS Tracker for Lone Workers and the Elderly

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The Bubble Personal Tracker is an invaluable tool for monitoring lone workers and the elderly. One of our biggest customers are families wanting to keep their elderly relatives with Alzheimer's safe.

Bubble is a GPS tracking device is the size of a match box, and is very simple to set up. As long as yo have a mobile phone or access to our website, you can view the exact location of where your Bubble tracker is. (click here for an example of a tracking map).

Bubble will also send you a text message if the wearer moves outside a pre-determined area. Bubble can monitor the movement of lone workers.

Bubble Personal Tracker Features

• Ideal for lone workers or elderly relatives with Alzheimer's
• View wearers location instantly on your computer or mobile phone.
• Secure website with visual maps to view your location
• Be instantly warned by text if your tracker moves outside a set area
• Discreet size means that Bubble can be placed on a belt or in a pocket
• Panic button automatically alerts via SMS or email
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